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Welcome to our Massive Bumper Nikon D5100 sales page. Here you can find a huge list of Nikon D5100s for sale from some of the biggest suppliers in the USA.

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The Nikon D5100 is a D-SLR that is a step up from the D3100, and is just ahead of the mighty D3200. A proper entry-level camera, it is user-friendly and affordable, combining ease-of-use with superb image quality. The articulated Hi-res screen is very video-friendly  and the menus offer a wide range of customization.  The ISO range is pretty impressive, from 100-25.6000 and the noise performance is excellent.

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The high dynamic range allows you to capture detail in high-contrast images, whilst the option of 16 scene modes means that you can chooses between, say, night portrait, sports and sunset settings. The special effects mode allows you to shoot  stills and video with certain effects built into the images. One of them, for example, allows you to select up to three colors to keep whilst turning all the others into black and white tones


The Nikon D5100 is a step up from the D3100 and expects the user to be a little more expert. However it has some great effect modes of its own. It has a great mixture of straightforward handling and well organised features.Image quality is, of course, excellent and the articulated screen and external Mic socket make it a great option for those who want to use their Nikon G lenses for full Autofocus in their movies.