Olympus PEN E-PM1


The PEN E-PM1 Offers Quality to the Masses

Olympus have Designed a Simple, Small CSC

The Olympus E-PM1 digital cameraOlympus obviously had a warm feeling of egalite when they developed the  Pen E-PM1. This is a compact system camera (CSC) designed for everyone – from part-time point-and-shooter to obsessed enthusiast. It is small, light and very inexpensive. But you would be wrong to think it doesn’t deliver.

In fact the E-PM1 boasts nearly all the features if its more costly sibling, the E-P3. It shoots a 12 mega-pixel file and full HD video. The Autofocus is quick and accurate and the legendary Olympus image quality is all there.

It’s selling point is its simplicity. Whilst it can offer almost the same amount of versatility as its rivals, it has fewer buttons and dials – though it is still  a great camera. A casual glance might mistake it for a stylish compact camera, and its core market will probably be those eager to move up to some sort of  D-SLR format. The menus are a little complicated to understand at first, but are logical, well presented and easily negotiated with the handy live wheel on the back. The Live Guide menu can get you started very speedily and allows you to see what needs adjusting to get the best image. It has a wide range of creative filters which can be applied to the stills and video at the touch of a button. It can shoot 5 Frames per Second for those with a passion for sport and has a shutter speed up to 1/4000th.

Olympus E-PM1 black compact system digital cameraOlympus E-PM1 digital camera black

Whilst the E-PM1 can be used as a fun camera, you are buying into a great quality range. The lenses are first class and there is a vast range of them to choose from. It feels good in hand, even though it is quite small, and the dials are well thought out.  The hotshoe allows access to some great accessories, from the tiltable flash, arm light, stereo Mic and bluetooth transmitter.



Lloyd George famously said that you can’t leap a chasm in two steps, but buying an E-PM1 lets you upgrade from a compact camera to a D-SLR without even having to take a run up. It is a great looking camera that has all the features of some of the best digital SLR cameras with the simplicity and look of a good compact.  Fast and flexible, it is a great introduction to D-SLR photography and, even with all those accessories, you won’t need a suitcase to carry it around.

Olympus PEN E-PM1 features

12.3 Megapixel: Very competent

Fast  AutoFocus 

Comprehensive system of  lenses: Over 500 in all

In-camera optimization: Viewable through the back screen

Live Guide: Easy to use interface for stills and video

Full HD Movie with stereo sound