Olympus E-P3


The Olympus E-P3 is built for Speed

Olympus Turn on the Fast-Focus Style

The Olympus E-P3 black compact system digital camera

The Olympus PEN system has jumped ahead of the Compact Systems pack with the E-P3. Its classic retro-style belies the biggest selling point – speed. The Autofocus system claims to be the fastest around at the moment and that, combined with 12 mega-pixel files and  fast shutters speed, makes it a formidable camera. Olympus are gradually withdrawing from the larger D-SLR market, and this smaller class of cameras will take their place. They are fully compatible with wide range of  lenses (with appropriate adapters).

Although small, the PEN E-P3 can match many full-frame D-SLRs. The 12 MP files are crisp and clear, being of the usual high standard that Olympus are known for.

The ISO range up to 12,800 is a solid performer, though is susceptible to noise at the top end. The shutter speed ( 1/4000) is good and it can shoot 3 Fames per Second. However the speed of the Autofocus system puts it into a league of its own.

The Olympus E-P3 black compact system digital camera blackThe Olympus E-P3 black compact system digital camera

If the Olympus PEN E-p3 was a car, it would be the Bugatti Veyron. Classically stylish on the outside, it has a pwerful engine under the hood. And it is FAST, VERY FAST……..

The PEN E-P3 is perfect for the committed enthusiast or the professional looking for a second body. It has all the functionality of some of he best digital SLR cameras, with less to carry around.

The camera itself has great classic styling and is very ergonomic and easy to use. Two dials give you quick access to everything you need and the high resolution LCD screen is intuitive and quickly gives you further options. It also has three customizable buttons for your favorite settings. It has a built in flash and shoots HD video with stereo.


There is a long list of in-camera filters and options.

There are 20 preset scenes, from Landscape, Night + Portrait to Macro, 3D and Panorama. The are 10 Art Filters offering sepia, soft focus and diorama amongst others. The E-P3 offers full manual control, but also has a very useful in-camera help manual to guide you through the settings. with its wireless connectivity, you can send your images t your PC or social media network.

The Olympus PEN E-P3 is a superb camera. Light, fast and flexible, it has classic good looks with all the Mod Cons. The lens range is excellent and image quality is splendid. All the presets and options add to functionality, rather than distract and in an area where there are a lot of good cameras, the video quality is astonishing.

Olympus PEN E-P3 Features

12  Megapixel File size

ISO 12800 sensitivity

1080i 60fps Full HD stereo movie recording

FAST AutoFocus with in-body image stabilisation

3.0” High resolution OLED sceen

Separate quick manual dials

Touch-sensitive Live Guide in HD Movie, still and P/S/M/A mode

Live View in HD Movie and still mode

3 customizable buttons

Ten creative Art Filters

Compatible with 20 Micro Four Thirds, 27 Four Thirds and more than 500 other lenses (via an adapter)

1/4000th sec. shutter speed with 3fps burst speed