Nikon V1


With the V1, Nikon are Making Picture Taking fun Again.

The V1 is Exciting and Versatile

The Nikon 1 V1Nikon describe their new 1 series of cameras as game changers. Certainly, if you perceive photography as the craft of reflecting real life in a million drab pixels, this camera isn’t really for you. However, if you want to paint with light and splash color around your world, well the V1 could become your best photographic friend.

With the V1, Nikon have started from scratch to make a fun, exciting camera for the 21st century. It could leave some of the best digital slr cameras standing.

It has some pedigree techno features – super fast autofocus, a mind blowing 60 Frames per Second burst speed and full HD video. But it also has some great intuitive and user-friendly features. Motion Snapshot Mode takes 1 second of footage at the same time as the still, to give you a slow-motion memory of the event. This could be great for making favicons. Smart Photo Selector helps you to choose the best five from your high-speed burst. The menus are easy to follow and understand and the camera itself feels good in the hand. Whilst the 1 series has its own lenses, an adaptor will allow you to use regular nikkor lenses as well. Nikon have made a camera for the serious professional who needs to limit his luggage or  the gifted amateur who just wants to play.

The Nikon V1 compact systems camera

Main Features

Revolutionary AF CMOS sensor: focuses faster than ever before THIS IS SUPERB

High-speed continuous shooting: shoot full-resolution images at up to 60 fps THIS IS MIND BOGGLING, BUT GREAT FUN

Portable system: small, iconic-looking body and interchangeable lenses GREAT FOR POCKETS AND FASHIONISTAS

High-resolution electronic viewfinder: offers a clear, stable view 

Groundbreaking shooting modes: Motion Snapshot and Smart Photo Selector REALLY USEFUL GROUNDBREAKING STUFF


Good cameras are hard to come by and whilst the Nikon V1 has the pedigree to take serious and artistic photographs, this is a camera built for fun. When Nikon combined the small size and huge technological potential, they didn’t really know what they would produce. The burst speed and HD video allow people to shoot in ways unthought of up to now and I am sure that there are some budding artists out there wondering how to make use of them but, for the rest of us, the fun features are designed for one thing: To give you some brilliant memories.