Nikon J1


Nikon have Brought the Fun Back into Photography

 The J1 Revives your Schoolboy Enthusiasm for Playing with Pictures

the Nikon J1 digital compact system camera

The new Nikon 1 Series has brought back some of the wonder that has been lost in the photographic world over the last few decades. who would have thought that these Compact System Cameras would be so innovative and exciting? The Nikon

J1 is, of course, small and dinky. But it offers an enormous amount of fun and flexibility.

The Nikon J1 boasts a 10 megapixel file, high speed continuous shooting (up to 60 Frames per Second!!) and the quickest autofocus in the world. It can compete with some of the best digital SLR cameras around.

With intuitive and easy to use controls the J1 is full of clever features to make picture taking fun again. For example, as you press the shutter button, it simultaneously records a 1 second slow motion movie and a still. It then combines the two to make a “living image”. This Harry Potterish facility could be great for your favicons. It also has Smart Photo Selector – the camera shoots a selection of frames (shot at high speed) and then selects the best five for you to choose from. Add to that the Full HD video facility and you have an incredibly flexible camera that will help you capture the best moments of your life. Whilst the 1 series has its own lenses, an adaptor allows you to fit any Nikkor lens. Nikon have made a camera that could appeal to the gifted amateur who wants to play or the serious professional who needs to limit his luggage. Either way the J1 will bring a smile to the subject and the photographer.

nikon j1 digital compact system camera and lens

Nikon J1 Main Features

Super high-speed AF CMOS sensor: focuses faster and more accurately than ever before SPECTACULAR SPEED HERE

High-speed continuous shooting: shoot full-resolution images at up to 60 fps THIS IS MIND BOGGLING, BUT GREAT FUN

Portable system: small body and interchangeable lenses in a range of colors FOR THE FASHION CONSCIOUS

Groundbreaking shooting modes: Motion Snapshot and Smart Photo Selector THESE ARE GREAT TO PLAY WITH

Intuitive operation: clear menus, an easy-to-reach mode dial and a built-in flash JUST KEEPS EVERYTHING SIMPLE


As Dr Johnson once almost said “Tired of photography, tired of life”, and if the grind of modern technology has drained you of your creative juices, a J1 could be the answer. It has the joie de vivre of an excited puppy, just begging you to take it out and enjoy life. There are many good cameras in the CSC range and this is one of the best. The technology behind the lens is remarkable and can do all the work for you if you wish. Just enjoy!