Lumix GX1


 The Lumix GX1 is a Pro Camera for Enthusiasts

Quality and Customizability make the GX1 Stand Out

lumix DMC-GX1 digital compact system camera

Like a modern car manufacturer, Panasonic produces a range of products to suite each niche and market. The G series cameras are compact system cameras offering interchangeable lenses. Some cater for the compact camera user who wants to trade up into the world of D-SLRs. These cameras, like the G3 and GH2 offer simple options and auto functions, so that you can point and shoot or control settings manually. The Lumix DMC-GX1 also has very competent auto functions, but is aimed at the pro/enthusiast who primarily will want to set the camera to their individual preferences and change the options manually as requirements dictate. Consequently, you need to have a deeper understanding of photographic principles to get the best out of the GX1. Having said that, the controls are well thought out, well positioned and intuitive and the camera is equal to many of the best digital SLRs..

The GX1 is a thoroughbred, offering  a superb 16 Mega-pixel file size, an advanced and incredibly quick Autofocus system and full HD video.

16 MP files are the largest in the CSC range and will comfortably compete in terms of quality with many full D-SLR cameras that are currently available. The ISO extends to 12800 and the active noise reduction helps to produce excellent images, even at low light. The lenses specifically avaliable for this model are zooms and the contrast Autofocus system can focus in less than 0.1 of a second with excellent face detection. The shutter speed goes up to 1/4000 with a maximum burst of 20 Frames per Second ( though at a smaller fie size). The GX1 also has the power to buffer files whist continuing to shoot – minimizing any delay – and a pop-up flash.

Lumix GX1 Digital compact system cameraLumix DMC-GX1 digital CSC camera

Although geared towards the photographer who enjoys manual control, the auto settings are very easy to follow. The options can be controlled either with the dials or with the touch screen interface. Unlike some cameras, you can choose to use one or the other almost exclusively and not lose any of the functionality. You can customize this camera far more than many others.

The classic lines of the GX1 and textured hand-grip make it very comfortable in hand and offering a solid platform for picture taking – and it really can fit into a pocket. There is an optional EVF viewfinder for those who don’t like the live view LCD back-screen. The mode options include Portrait, Night time, Scenery, Architecture and arty, and can operate for stills or for video. The Video option is simple to use, has stereo sound recording and can save files as MP4 or AVCHD. It is worth noting that it is worth paying extra to get the X lens if you want to shoot video extensively.


The Lumix GX1 is a fabulous camera that does everything well. The image quality is superb and the AF is as quick as you will find anywhere. The metal body and easy external dials give this a very sturdy feel. Any Pro would be pleased to have this in his bag, even as his primary body. The range of lenses is extensive and will only grow. This is a go anywhere, shoot anything camera.

Pansonic Lumix DMC-GX1 Features

16MP Micro Four Thirds sensor: Largest in this category.
ISO 160-12,800: Great range, handles noise really well.
3.0″ LCD screen: Full live view and controls.
Full HD video with built in stereo Mic
Up to 20fps: Although at a smaller file size, this is a great function.

Continuous full resolution shooting at 4fps