Nikon D3200


Nikon Throw down the Gauntlet with the D3200

New Entry Level D-SLR is a Massive Leap in File Size

The new Nikon D3200 digital cameraThe New Nikon D3200 raises the stakes at the D-SLR entry level, pinning its hopes on our fascination with file size. Replacing the perfectly respectable D3100, the D3200 boasts a 70% increase from 14.2 megapixels to a whopping 24.2. Bearing in mind that the new D4 only has a 16.2 megapixel file size, you can see that Nikon believe that, at entry level, size really does matter. Of course size can only be an indicator of quality but, as it has the same image processor as the D4, we can be confident that the D3200 is one of the best digital SLR cameras available at any level and will definitely deliver.
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The Nikon D3200 is a big step up, offering excellent quality and functions. It puts other entry-level cameras in the shade.

Apart from the file size, other improvements on the D3100 are incremental. The normal ISO has improved by one stop to 6400 which, combined with the 1/4000 shutter speed (and file size) mean that this should be even more impressive at low-light. The slight disappointment is the relatively slow 4 Frames per Second burst speed.

The lack of external Mic socket for video in the D3100 was a real hinderance that drove many Nikon users to buy the D5100 instead. The D3200 has addressed this issue, making it a superb entry-level video camera which will be competing in some areas with the splendid D5100. It has HDMI connection, so that you can plug your videos straight into your TV.

The LCD back screen has been improved so that you can see your images more clearly and also read the comprehensive new Guide Mode which is designed to take even a beginner through the process of taking great pictures. Though, of course, the D3200 can be fully manual and thee are the familiar pre-set scene modes. There is an extensive re-touch facility in-camera and even the video function boasts pre-settings, such as B/W, Vivid, Landscape and Portrait.

The D3200 also offers a dedicated attachment for WiFi connection, which will allow you to download to any smart device or computer.

The Nikon D3200 Digital camera D-SLRNikon D3200 D-SLR digital camera

These improvements are built on the shoulders of the already formidable D3100. You still get the excellent Autofocus, intuitive functions and great ergonomic design. There is a built-in flash and hot shoe. Over all, the D3200 promises to be a superb addition to the Nikon D-SLR range. It is available in black or red.

Nikon D3200 Features

24.2-MegaPixel file size: Astonishing and threatens to humble far more expensive cameras.

Full HD (1080p) video with external Mic Socket: Excellent quality – and now excellent sound.

ISO (100–6400): A good range, and can be boosted to 12800.

11-point autofocus system: Well-proven, basic but impressive.

Wireless Mobile Adapter: Allows you to connect to you smart device or PC.

Scene Recognition System:  Useful for beginner and experienced alike.

4 fps continuous shooting: With so many other great functions, this seems a bit slow.

Photo retouch menu: Enhance your photos in-camera.

HDMI output