Canon Rebel T3i


The Canon Rebel T3i is a Class Act

The T3i is a Great Camera for a Good Price 

canon_eos_rebel_t3i_with_18-135mm_f3.5-5.6_is_lens_flashIf you are buying your first D-SLR or upgrading from anything more than about three years old, the Rebel T3i is a great combination of features and capability at a very reasonable price. Enthusiasts looking to upgrade their current D-SLRs will find that  this camera is crammed with the kind of technology that Canon has excelled at over the years.

The intuitive shooting modes and ease of use make the Canon T3i ideal for the beginner, whilst the file size and image quality would satisfy any professional.

The features are accessed via the fully articulated High Resolution LCD screen and are very user friendly. The Scene Intelligent Auto Mode will actually optimize the camera settings by analyzing according to what it detects through the viewfinder. The Rebel T3i also offers in-camera editing and creative filters like soft focus and fish-eye. Whilst it has a pop-up flash, the wireless flash control is ideal for producing studio results whilst out and about. It also shoots HD video and has an external Mic socket. The Camera itself feels good in-hand and the dials and modes are tactile and ergonomic.

The canon Rebel T3icanon-rebel-t3i-back

Canon Rebel T3i Image Quality and Handling

The Rebel T3i shoots an 18 Mega-pixel file and, as you would expect, the image quality is very good. The images tend to have high saturation and strongly defined edges. The camera boasts a digic4 image processor, Auto Lighting Optimiser and good autofocus. it can still get great detail in low light. It will shoot good, sharp HD video and has an external Mic socket. The big plus for the Rebel T3i is the articulated, high resolution LCD screen, which is useful for shooting at tricky angles or video. The Creative Auto mode offers path between the auto shooting functions and independent controls. The Q. Menu interface makes checking and changing key settings very easy.



Canon Rebel T3i: Conclusion 

The Rebel T3i has excellent image quality with good detail, even at high ISO settings. The Q-Menu offers good access to shooting settings and options and the high resolution articulated LCD screen is a real plus. The Creative Auto mode allows a photographer to grow from boy to man and the remote flashgun control is a useful addition. It shoots good quality HD video output with a range of frame rates.

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The Rebel T3i / is a feature-rich, reasonably priced camera that is fun to use and takes great pictures. If not particularly innovative, it is at least well planned and thought out. With the HD video option as well, it’s an impressive camera for the money and it inspires great loyalty from its photographer owners.

Canon Rebel T3i Features

18-megapixel CMOS sensor: Excellent file size – gives your enormous versatility.

Scene Intelligent Auto mode: Very clever and intuitive.

Full-HD EOS Movie: Superb quality and good sound through the external socket.

On-screen Feature Guide: Will help you through the settings.

3.7fps burst speed: Ok but not good for sport.

9-point AF: Basic, but with the Canon lenses, good enough for most of us.

Vari-angle 7.7cm screen: High Resolution, clear and bright.

Basic+ and Creative Filters: For in-camera editing.

Built-in wireless flash control: With the file size makes an excellent still-life camera.

 rebel t3i digital camera