The Nikon Coolpix L810


The CoolPix L810 is every camera you’ll ever need

Nikon have built a camera that can turn its hand to anything

The nikon Coolpix L810The Nikon Coolpix L810, is an excellent bridge camera that gives you all you could want when trading up from a regular compact. It is a perfect holiday camera, but can also raise its game for those with an artistic bent.

The settings enable the Nikon CoolPix L810 to shoot excellent landscapes, portraits ( it has a smart portrait system, which automatically takes the picture when your subject smiles ) and still-lifes as well as decent sporting pictures.

It gives a good size image and has a 26x zoom – effectively a 24mm – 585mm. It has a good Auto mode, which means that, if you wish, you can leave the camera to make the decisions – even in poor light. Combined with some clever anti-blur technology, the pictures will always be as sharp as possible. It also has a 3D function, which allows you to shoot 3D stills.The L810 can shoot Standard definition ( 720p) video and had an innovative smooth-zoom function. the Vibration Reduction setting counters camera shake.

It runs on conventional AA batteries. Available in black, red, bronze, blue.


This is a very competent point and shoot camera, with some very useful extras. Nikon quality images, easy shoot video and the Vibration Reduction are excellent. The 3D mode is really interesting to play with and the smart portrait system is a real bonus. No surprise perhaps, a Nikon make really good cameras.

Nikon CoolPix L810 Features

A one-touch record button makes it easy to switch over to 720p video recording. You can use the optical zoom with autofocus while filming. REALLY USEFUL

An innovative Anti-blur system: The Nikon Lens VR (vibration reduction) cuts down the effects of camera shake. HANDY WHEN SHOOTING WITH EXTENDED ZOOM

High ISO (up to 1600) gives good quality pictures in low-light GOOD

Motion detection system compensates for camera and subject movement. USEFUL

The nikon Best shot selector (BSS) chooses the sharpest of up to ten shots.

A 3D shooting mode that can be played back on 3D-capable TVs and computers. REALLY CLEVER

A smart portrait system, taking pictures when the subject smiles. Also a blink alert and red-eye fix. MEANS YOU CAN THINK ABOUT THE CONTENT AND LEAVE THE BASICS TO THE CAMERA

Has a wireless transfer function VERY USEFUL